• Each person who participates accepts responsibility for making their own determinations and for their own
safety, conduct and well being; recognizes that possible hazards attend outdoor activities and agrees to
participate solely at their own risk.
• You on behalf of yourself agree to hold the event owner, host and the PowHER Hike harmless and free of
blame for any accident, injury, illness, loss or damage related to or arising out of or during the event,
including any claim that the event owner, host and the PowHER Hike was negligent; and release any
person associated with the PowHER Hike who provides assistance, advice or aid during the event from all
liability for any act or omission in connection with such provision, including any claim that such person was
• I hereby authorise the event owners to display my photographs and videos on any website and/or other
social media portals or use photographs and videos for any promotional purposes.
• The event owner, host and the PowHER Hike reserve the right to ban any participant without refund for nonsportsman
like behaviour.
• Event details are subject to change.